h2. Ol' Skillpadd.  The land of new beginnings and freedoms.  Away from the over irradiated lands of your forefathers, cluttered with too many people and too many concentrated areas of cyphers, artifacts, and other numenera, is this land.  The intrepid settlers who landed here were initially met with a strong and territorial indigenous population, but as the press of the old world continued to encourage people to make the perilous trip to a land that may not even welcome them, the Skillpadians slowly began to allow individuals, then groups to settle the most dangerous of the unused wildlands.  Now, Skillpadd is renouned for it's acceptance of newcomers…provided, of course, they can take care of themselves and adapt to the land.

The coast has mostly been settled now, and the people have reached a barrier.  The Great Barrier.  It runs along a huge river that starts all the way in the frozen Northlands where nothing can grow, and ends by spilling out in a huge and muddy wetland to the south.  The Great Barrier had been created by 

Enter the Westweird